Your Fundraising, Your Way

Vinnies supporters have done incredible things to make a difference and when it comes to fundraising, the sky is the limit! You can be as creative as you want- no event is too big or too small!

Grab your family and friends for a clothes drive, guessing competition or a silly sock day at your next catch-up!

Need some inspiration? Check out our A to Z Fundraising ideas.

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How others did it

Conference members

Our Conference members raise funds all year round! Donations raised from their page give them the opportunity to deliver emergency and urgent assistance to their local community.


Local schools participated in Busking for Vinnies in Parramatta, where students sang and danced among the bustle of the Parramatta Farmers Market and raised over $5,400 for people experiencing homelessness and hardship in Greater Western Sydney

Donations instead of gifts!

Instead of birthday gifts, Jon asked his family and friends to donate to Vinnies and raised over $7,500! Jon was able to help a family in need and also raise funds for the Matthew Talbot Hostel.

Need help?

Vinnies is here to support you every step of the way. Contact our Community Fundraising Coordinator on (02) 7906 2367 or for more information and questions.


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