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Vinnies Snack and Toiletry Packs

Here in NSW, Vinnies services including crisis accommodation and food vans for people experiencing homelessness are still up and running wherever we have the volunteer resources to keep going. We have seen challenges to the Vinnies Vans service which now looks a little different, keeping with health and safety measures to protect our volunteers and those we assist.

Right now, we are distributing toiletry and snack packs across Sydney each week to those who would otherwise go without. Each snack pack costs approximately $5.00 each, with toiletry packs around $10.00 each. Every pack is carefully put together by our volunteers and distributed to our partners across Sydney who ensure it gets to those who need it.

Your school can help by making a donation to sponsor these packs, allowing Vinnies to continue providing essential everyday items to those most in need.