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Youth Homelessness

When most kids were getting ready for the HSC, Paige was fending for herself on the streets. At just 15, Paige found herself totally alone. Her mother had passed away after suffering from leukaemia, she wasn’t welcome or safe in her father’s home because of an abusive stepmother, there wasn’t any other family around, and she had very little support at school or elsewhere. She spent her subsequent years couch-surfing, sleeping rough and relying on the kindness of friends. Her story shows just how quickly someone can find themselves in a desperate situation. Without the support that is so vital for teens and young adults, it’s a fast downwards spiral. Poor choices seem like good ones – because they numb the pain, and hanging out with the wrong crowd is better than being all alone. Everyday Vinnies staff and volunteers are in homes, schools, hospitals and communities helping people like Paige to rebuild their lives.

Of all women experiencing homelessness, the most likely to be affected are aged between 18-34.

“Thank you for helping me build my life again. I just needed that support which I’ve never had. The St Vincent de Paul Society have saved my life.”