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Youth Homelessness

When Estelle was 6 years old her mother passed away from breast cancer. Her father was a living with addiction and unable to care for her and her brother.

Estelle was raised by her grandparents until the age of 13, when she had no choice but to live with her father in an unstable environment for 6 months.

She then returned to live with her grandparents but was told to leave again at 14 years old, when they were unable to deal with her behaviour. From there, she moved between her boyfriend’s family’s home, stayed with her father’s ex-partner and when things got messy there, moved into a refuge before entering rehab. When she left, she cycled back into unstable housing arrangements and was left feeling mentally broken, and like her life was out of control.

She entered rehab one last time and it worked. With a case worker who helped Estelle find housing, Vinnies was able to assist with furniture and the emotional support that she needed.

“I am now 3 months sober and didn’t think this was possible. I now know that Vinnies is there if I need a hand and I am not alone”