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Vinnies School Sleepouts

On any given night in Australia 122,000 Australians are experiencing homelessness. Vinnies provides vulnerable people with essential support to rebuild their lives and reconnect with the community, but we couldn’t do it without the support of people like you.

Together with Vinnies, you have the power to shape awareness and inspire action within your school and the wider community whilst also helping to make a real difference in the lives of the 1 in 208 people experiencing homelessness every night in Australia.

What is a Vinnies School Sleepout?

A Vinnies School Sleepout provides a unique insight into the complex issues that people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage face by “sleeping rough” for one night.

Schools are uniquely placed to help shape and influence community awareness and opinions. Participating in a Vinnies School Sleepout encourages students to gain a deeper understanding of homelessness whilst raising funds and awareness within their wider community.

Our work relies on donations from loyal supporters to ensure that we can continue providing services and support to those most in need. All donations made through your Vinnies School Sleepout will play a significant role in contributing to these vital funds.

By hosting, participating in or sponsoring a Sleepout, you are joining thousands of fellow Australians just like you who want to make a real change in the lives of those experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.

Throughout the year and across the country, schools, community groups and business leaders host Vinnies Sleepouts to help rebuild lives. Together, we are doing something about it.



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